Survey comments offered by students

It was stunning to see the depth and insights of many of the student comments that were offered at the end of the survey. Many showed far more wisdom and understanding of the real education issues than a statehouse building full of bureaucrats and "educators." Two overall observations jumped out at me:

  • First was that "teachers" were both the "best" thing about school, and the "worst" thing about school. Of course, many times the teacher is the surrogate for the dislike of school, in general.
  • Second was how often the comments show that students want to learn more, and be challenged more.
Here are some of the most interesting comments offered by students in the open-response section of the survey. Grammar and spelling are unchanged from as written.

What is the best thing about your education at this school?

    “The teachers” •••••••••• “Most of the time learning can be fun” •••••••••• “I feel we have really good teachers.” •••••••••• “Friendly teachers” •••••••••• “The way teachers interact with their students” •••••••••• “It’s fairly well taught. I learn a good amount.” •••••••••• “Teachers are hands on with students” •••••••••• “The teachers are mostly nice and it helps me not be afraid to ask a question.” •••••••••• “Having good teachers that explain and not just rush through” •••••••••• “Most teachers make the material easier to understand” •••••••••• “One of my teachers actually expect (sic) something out of his students and the way he teaches made (it) my best subject when last year it was my worst.”

What is the worst thing about your education at this school?

    “Class sizes” •••••••••• “The lack of work that is given. Personally I rather be challenged than be given a free pass.” •••••••••• “Some teachers just seem to give work and have you do all the work without much explaining much of the lesson.” •••••••••• “The limited availability of classes.” •••••••••• “Some teachers don’t really prepare us for tests” •••••••••• “Too much homework” •••••••••• “Sometimes teachers will just show you how to do something rather than teach.” •••••••••• It takes a long time and I have to wait for other people to catch up.” •••••••••• “Some teachers force you to learn at their pace, and not your own.” •••••••••• “Having to take pool. What’s the purpose they don’t even teach you how to swim the teachers are always on their iPads and iPhones” •••••••••• “We don’t really get to make up are old class work or homework up. •••••••••• “Most teachers don’t seem to care about what students get for grades or give them opportunities to bring there grades up” •••••••••• “Move through topics to quickly” •••••••••• “Most of the teachers just don’t seem to care and understand, I only know of 2 who do.” •••••••••• “It’s to hard” •••••••••• “Pool!” •••••••••• “Teachers don’t really ‘teach’ enough they just give us work and expect us to know what to do.” •••••••••• “Pool” •••••••••• “Some teachers confuse us by the way they teach.” •••••••••• “We don’t get a lot of time to learn a topic” •••••••••• “Some teachers just give us notes and then don’t explain the rest.” •••••••••• “How early we have to wake up” •••••••••• “Having you that kids cheat and get away with it.” •••••••••• “Some teachers don’t care about the students” •••••••••• “Constantly throwing homework at us” •••••••••• “Some teachers don’t really explain the work.” •••••••••• “Some of the teachers that don’t teach much.” •••••••••• “There are a lot of teachers that don’t do anything but sit at their desk. Some of them can’t control a class.” •••••••••• “Most teachers don’t really explain the work they are giving us, they don’t understand that people have different ways of learning, some are slower than others.” •••••••••• Most of the teachers honestly don’t care about the students. Teachers don’t like to teach and tend to block a lot of things out.” •••••••••• “The classes are crowded and I can’t concentrate on my work.” •••••••••• “The work they give us is stupid is like they don’t want to challenge is to do something bigger.”

What is the most important thing the school should change that would help you get a better education?

    “Up to date computers” •••••••••• “Teachers that actually care and know how to teach.” •••••••••• “Teachers care more about our test grades.” •••••••••• “More fun activities and projects to do.” •••••••••• “Better technology” •••••••••• “Better clubs, more activities” •••••••••• “Get better teachers.” •••••••••• “Add another period to just work on homework” •••••••••• “Have more understanding teachers who really care.” •••••••••• “Get rid of MCAS” •••••••••• “They should give us more extra credit package” •••••••••• “I think they should let us do some things that will help us learn like listening to music” •••••••••• “After school program” •••••••••• “Nothing, really I like how this school works” •••••••••• A point in time where you get a free period to do homework’ •••••••••• “More hands-on activities and field trips” •••••••••• “Smaller classes so a teacher can see if a kid is cheating” •••••••••• “Teachers should teach without making the lesson complicated” •••••••••• “Get the teachers to interact and try for the kids to learn something.” •••••••••• “They should care for what happens to us and they just don’t.” •••••••••• “The teachers shouldn’t be on their period every day.” •••••••••• “Fire the teachers that don’t want to be here.” •••••••••• “Get teachers that actually care.”

Any other comments?

    “Teachers should learn how to keep their students interested. You can’t learn if you are bored out of your mind.” •••••••••• “I used to think that all teachers were the same just passing kids along.” •••••••••• “”Other schools have classes/clubs that have students who is more interested than others.” •••••••••• “Some teachers really suck at teaching kids.” •••••••••• “Students complain all the time about one certain teacher and nobody does anything about it because they don’t care.” •••••••••• “I don’t think I’ve tooken (sic) a test without people cheating.”