Lift the curtain and see for yourself...

Lifting The Curtain is 192 pages, and is fully illustrated by Jessica Fitzpatrick.

Table of Contents

Caveat – Some Truth in Advertising
Author’s Forward
False Introduction (Teachers as seen in the media)
The Real Introduction (The one that no one wants to hear)

The symptoms of failure
Setting the table – An original Survey  of Students and Teachers
The Student and Teacher Survey Results
Transition – Enough of the symptoms – what are the causes?

The systemic causes of failure
Systemic Failure #1:  Unintended Consequences – good intentions gone horribly wrong
Systemic Failure #2:  Unqualified Administrators and rampant cronyism
Systemic Failure #3:  Inclusion classes –  Everyone loses
Systemic Failure #4:  Special Education – Hijacked by parents
Systemic Failure #5:  “Bureaucrat” – Our newest  four-letter word
Systemic Failure #6:  Burned out teachers
Systemic Failure #7:  The Untouchables – Parents,  and Teacher Unions
Systemic Failure #8:  Rewards unrelated to performance

The solutions
The solution – Surprise!  There is one,  and it is not more money!
Concluding Remarks