A few of my favorites from Jess.
(Sorry, only battle-hardened classroom teachers will (painfully) understand some of these!)

Working with the "educators" and bureaucrats at DoE. Wonder how many of them could even spell the word "klassrume?"

It's the "teacher's job" to motivate children to do homework. Of course, it's never the parent or student responsibility.

Some weeks, you have a much better idea what General Custer felt at the Little Big Horn.

This teacher is doomed. The parent will soon be calling the principal to complain about a "...bad teacher who doesn't do her job," and to demand Billy be given a passing grade.

Yup, all those hours out of the classroom spending tax dollars to get PDP credits sure benefited our children! (wink, wink, nod, nod)

Who needs "merit pay?" Our Principal and Superintendent have that well under control.


There's never pressure to pass kids. And I'm sure the principal will stand right behind us if a parent complains

Yup, what's wrong with these teachers, anyway? They don't even make sure her son gets on the school bus each morning!